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. >> as a man who wants to run for the president of united states who can't be honest with the american people. why should we expect him to level about anything? >> in the steamy ballroom where gingrich let the air out of his run. >> today, i'm suspending the campaign. >> reporter: the subdued excandidate made clear he will support his former rival. >> i am asked sometimes, is mitt romney conservative enough? compared to barack obama. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical president in american history. >> romney was just a few miles away in an even hotter, more cramped and steamier warehouse in shantilly focusing on the president's record on job creation. >> it was the most antismall business administration i have seen at carter. >> tuesday, romney had highlighted national security and 9/11 with former new york mayor, ruely giuliani. had he be upstaged by the president's surprise visit to afghanistan. romney pivoted back to the economy. his wife at his side and women business owners behind him. >> people ask me, what would you do to get the economy going? i say look
injuries he suffered during his escape. he wants to come to the united states. >>> bruce johnson just returned from china last week. he was there because of a book he wrote about a personal journey of heart disease. now bruce was given a visa to travel there. but it didn't come easily. it took letters from the book publisher in china explaning why bruce was invited and ten separate visits to the visa office. this is what he saw and experienced in beijing and shanghai. >> are you kidding me? >> a new before i made the 13 1/2 flight from dulles airport, that the great wall of china would be the highlight of my trip. >> i can't talk and climb the steps, too. >> built the protect the kingdom, the wall attracts many chinese and outsiders every year. it's one of the seven wonders of the world. >> to give you a better idea, if you stretch this wall from new york to california, you still have a long ways to go. you think of decades? they think of centuries. they started building parts of this wall some 2,000 years ago. >> despite all the news in growing, prosperous china. still a develo
at the center of a diplomatic crisis for days may be allowed to study in the united states. hillary clinton says china agreed to accept an application to travel to the united states as student. there's more to work out here. there is word new york university has given chen an invitation. >>> washington nationals host the hated philadelphia phillies this coming weekend and the team is desperately trying to keep nationals park from being taken over by fans. dave owens is out there. what does it look like so far? >> reporter: you know, mayor gray himself deemed this an official weekend. let me go back to august of last year. 45,000 fans. a lot of them were philly fans. you would hear a chorus of boos. it was up at citizen's bank park. that scene coupled with a lot of other things, it led nats management to say enough is enough. this weekend's series and offer them the only those with an address in the dmv, presumably nats fans, take back the park. you can see signs all over the place. i spoke with the team's ceo who said philly fans might not like this, but i don't care. >> this is our park and w
.s. of interfering with their internal affairs. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, is in china for high- level trade talk, and says that they must protect the human rights. >> as a part of our dialogue, the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedom. >> chen now wants to leave china with clinton who is in beijing until saturday. the state department has stopped short of saying whether or not they would reopen thenegotiations. cbs news. they brought him there yesterday. >>> the autopsy plan today, on the body of the former star. the friends, families, fans, are still in shock over the suicide. the charger star was found dead yesterday in his ocean side california home of the self- inflicted gunshot wound. his girlfriend found his body in bed. tonight, many are wondering if it may have caused brain damage to contribute to the death. >>> and a florida family woke up to a massive sink hole. that will be in the orlando area. they swallowed up for the trees, the family is now out of the house. and look at that thing as they need to continue to monitor the threat of t
in boston. fans observed a moment of silence, the national anthem sung by a member of the united states air force and a touching moment before the game. the families of brendan looney and reagan were honored. maryland scoring first. they really got going here. we saw their last game as they put 16 on duke. they got it going here. jesse earnhardt apparently invisible. nobody wants to guard him, so he struts in and puts maryland up 1-0 five minutes in the game. later in the 1st quarter watch the stickwork. kevin cooper, takes two to make a single. he completed a two-goal run for the terps. they're up 3-2 and loyola coach charlie toomey said i think we got some problems here. no problems, coach. loyola greyhounds win its first ever ncaa division 1 championship. they score seven straight and win it 9-3. >> there's so many people that have gotten us to where we are today. it's been such a big support of our program. this is for them. this is for our alumni and our university. our kids got what they deserved because they were great all year. >>> hats off to the maryland seniors who finished the s
commitment to have troops in harm's way, but defines the relationship between afghanistan and the united states, after nato forces leave in 2014. >> the president secretly left andrews after midnight this morning. arriving after dark in afghanistan this afternoon washington time. it was after midnight there
that they will protect you even harder for you. >> the united states here. >> and getting a little football last night at fedex field. one of the rare times that will be a big spectator there. and they presented rg3 with the honorary soccer jersey before their match against brazil. now, although that the u.s. lost, they got a pretty good idea of what to expect come game day. >> it was a great atmosphere, you know, take 60,000 to 70,000. they were all there. and just to see how loud that place could get after one great play. it definitely makes you look forward to it. and also, you know, you'll see that there. so we don't want any scores like that. but we will definitely look to get the crowd on into it and to keep them motivated. >> reporter: today, coming to the defense of mic shanahan, coming up later on in sports. back to you in the studios. >> thank you, kristin. >>> and still ahead, imagination could be the key to saving lives. how the local students are making it happen at the cool school. >>> if you're on the fence for adopting, here are a couple of reasons why they will need your help desperat
to go. >>> syria's most senior diplomat in washington is being booted out of the united states. the order comes from the obama administration in protest of last week's massacre in syria. 108 people were killed. most of them execution style. many children. the u.n. says entire families were gunned down in their homes. more than half a dozen countries have expressed their outrage by expelling syrian diplomats. >> canada's transportation agency is investigating how debris might have fallen from a troubled airliner and damaged vehicles in southern ontario. the air canada flight took off from toronto. meantime, down on the ground. police say chunks of debris were falling in several places right near the airport. including a gas station parking lot. some cars were hit. luckily no people were. >> pretty shocked to see. yeah, it's just really, really strange. not something i expected to happen. ago airplane debris on my windshield. >> i was surprised when i heard a noise. i didn't know what that noise was. nothing happened. only the car. >> good thing. nobody expects airplane debri
veteran of the united states air force. she's one of the 11,000 women under age 30 who are diagnose every year with breast cancer -- diagnosed every year in breast cancer. like a lot in her age group, cancer never crossed her mind and she didn't do routine self- exams. >> i would be in the shower and wash, you know, my chest and things like that and that would be about it. >> reporter: she of 29 when she learned the marble size lunch she felt in her breast was -- lump she felt in her breast was one of the most aggressive cancer strains, triple negative. >> finding out i was triple negative was worse than finding out i had breast cancer. a large possibility from a doctor's perspective was it wasn't going away and it had a huge reoccurrence. i was paralyzed with fear. >> reporter: there to lift her up were her parents and brother and and fiancee ryan. from then on she would fight cancer her way. what came out of her taking control of her high of was this film on her website. >> you're serious and i respect the gravity of you because you take life, but chaises to minimize you because you
't really great stats for youth football, which is the vast majority of football played in the united states, but i definitely think there's a lot more awareness in these newspaper headlines about the nfl do nothing but encourage that awareness. >> kevin, you have two sons that are playing football. what can you tell us is being done to make this sport safer at the youth level? >> i think we're learning a lot about proper helmet fit, better helmet designs. helmets will not prevent concussion, but they certainly help if they're the new modern helmets in terms of trying to help protect against catastrophic injury. there are rules changes being considered and put in place in terms of the amount of contact time. it's going to be a different game i think. there's certainly more awareness and attention being paid to this issue. coaches need to do a better job of teaching better tackling and blocking techniques. so i think there's a lot of positive that will come from all this. >> gary, we were talking earlier that pop warner is trying to be a little more proactive. what have you seen in youth spor
in the united states use. i'm talking about baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, but parents may not realize there are dangers there they don't know about. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: 22-month-old morgan sheryl has a chipped tooth. >> she reached for me and felt forward and hit her face on the ottoman in front of our couch and her bottle happened to be in her mouth at the time. >> reporter: a new study in the journal of pediatrics finds over a two decade period more than 45,000 children under age 3 went to the hospital for injuries related to the use of baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups. that's approximately one child every four hours. >> the vast majority of the injuries in the study were falls that children experienced and over 70% of the injuries were injuries to the area around the mouth or the mouth itself. >> reporter: the study also found 2/3 of the injuries were to children who were 1 year old, churn who were just learning to walk and -- children who were just learning to walk and maybe tripping with these products in their hands and mouths. about 2/3 of the injuries i
's match-up between the united states and brazil. >>> but first, a warning tonight for users of a popular drug. what you need to know about buying adderall online. that's next. >>> in tonight's health alert federal health officials have a warning for consumers and doctors about counterfeit versions of the drug adderall that are being sold online. the fda says the fake versions of the 30-milligram dose of the drug have the wrong activity ingredient -- active ingredient. the fake pill is ineffective and could be harmful. they are round, white and don't have any type of markings. which is letters or numbers, that's a warning sign. this drug is made by teva pharmaceuticals and others and it's been in shortage since at least last year. which makes ate target for -- it a target for rogue websites and distributors. >>> may is lyme disease awareness month. this is the time of year our region sees an explosion in the tick population. and unfortunately that can mean more cases of lyme. tonight, an unorthodox treatment for cases that can't be cured. 27-year-old valley mckenzie is -- valerie mckenzie
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12